What is Eulerio Data Platform?

Eulerio Data Platform is a serverless database in the cloud. Eulerio's simple interface allows you to create a database and access your data without having to set up and maintain the server. The platform provides you with REST endpoints that you configure to access and manipulate your data. You just describe your data using standard JSON. Because Eulerio uses REST endpoints, you do not need to learn a new programming language or install drivers or SDKs. Through Eulerio's interface, you can manage your REST endpoints, run reports and analytics on your data, and secure access to your data.

What can I do with Eulerio?

Eulerio is a full service data platform. You can use Eulerio as your database and analytics platform with minimal setup and maintenance. You can rapidly prototype your application and then release it to production with minimal effort. You can also drive your analytics through Eulerio's reporting interface or integrate your data with other systems using your self defined REST endpoints.

How do I get started with Eulerio?

To sign up for Eulerio, click the Sign Up button on Eulerio's home page. You must have an account before you can start accessing the Eulerio Data Platform. Once you have completed the sign up process, you can start using Eulerio. Please refer to the Getting Started page after signing up.

Why is my email my username?

Most typically, your email address uniquely identifies you and you alone. This ensures that others cannot attempt to use your identity to register for services without access to your email account. When you sign up for Eulerio, you will receive a verification email to ensure that you are who you say you are. Validating your registration will activate your account. After which, you will be able to access the Eulerio Data Platform.

What does Eulerio mean?

Eulerio is a combination of two words, Euler and IO. Euler is a homage to the renowned mathematician Leonhard Euler and IO is short for input/output. Eulerio is a platform where data flows in and out of a controlled, fixed reference frame as posited by Euler.


How do I see my resources?

The Eulerio interface displays a list of the resources you have defined. You can quickly view the name of the resource, its REST URL, the request methods supported, and its active/disabled status.

Can I disable access to my resources?

You can disable any resource you have defined through the Eulerio interface. You can also selectively disable individual request methods. Selectively disabling methods provides granular control over resource management.

How do I see how much data is being stored?

The Eulerio dashboard shows how much storage you are using. Information is displayed both graphically and textually so you can quickly monitor your storage requirements.

What happens when I exceed my plan limits?

Every Eulerio account includes resource allocations for use with the Eulerio Platform. Unless you indicate otherwise, the platform will allocate overage resources to ensure that there is no disruption in service. An overage charge will apply for the additional capacity.

How can I see activity against my resources?

The Eulerio dashboard shows activity against your resources. You can view the number of requests made per resource, the user agents used to make the requests, and the time the requests were made.

Can I delete resources?

You can delete your resources. However, you should approach this with caution. Deleting the resource will not only take the resource offline, but it will also delete all the data associated with the resource. If you just need to take the resource offline, disabling it is a better option, as it is not destructive.


What is a resource?

A resoure is an object or entity that is described by a standard format which is used to communicate between a client and server. In Eulerio, you define a resource to manage your data through standard REST APIs. The resource definition provides the format for the interchange of data.

How do I create a resource in Eulerio?

You create a resource using Eulerio's user interface. When creationg a resource, you define the name of the resource, a schema describing it's properties and constraints, and the allowable REST APIs for user access to its data.

How do I ensure uniqueness of my resource data?

To ensure uniqueness in your resource data add the element “unique” to your json schema definition when creating your resource.

What is the url prefix?

The url prefix is an identifier that is appended to your REST API paths to uniquely identify your resource. Once set it cannot be changed and will be used for all your resources.

What is a resource group?

You can use resource groups to manage resources that are similar in type or function. Grouping resources allows you to categorize or tag your data for easier management. For instance, you can group customers and employees that have access to your system in a "users" group.

What is JSON Schema?

JSON Schema is a standard vocabulary for defining and validating JSON documents. It provides a simple and clear syntax for describing the format of your data. In Eulerio, you define your resource through a JSON schema based format.

How do I manage my resource data?

Once you have defined your resource in Eulerio, you can access your resource data using standard REST APIs. You can retrieve the collection of your resource data using a GET request or you can add resource data to your collection using a POST request. You can also update your data using a PUT request or you can delete your data through a DELETE request.

How can I view my resource data?

From the Data Analytics page, you can create a query against a resource to view its data. Running the query will produce a table containing the individual resource records. You can page through the returned collection or you can download the data as a CSV file.

What is a client access key?

Your resources are secure. In order to access your resource REST APIs, you must provide credentials to authenticate your identity. Client access keys are encrypted tokens you create in Eulerio to provide access to your resources. When issuing REST requests, this key must be passed in the "Authorization" header to authenticate the request. If the key is missing or corrupt, your request will fail to complete and you will receive a response indicating that the request could not be authenticated.

Subscription And Billing

What is the difference between Standard and Professional?

The difference between the subscription models is mainly around expected resource usage. The Professional subscription includes higher usage limits than the Standard subscription. In terms of functionality, both subscriptions offer full access to all of Eulerio's features. You can start with the Standard subscription and upgrade to Professional at any time if you are routinely approaching the Standard subscription limits.

When are my subscription limits reset?

With each subscription, you are allocated a fixed amount of platform resources. There are request limits and storage limits. If you exceed the request limits before the billing month's end, overage resources will be allocated without disruption of service. A charge will be applied for use of overage resources. At the end of the billing month, your resource usage limits will reset. However, if your storage exceeds the storage limits of your subscription, overage charges will continue to be applied, as storage limits do not reset at month's end.

When am I billed for Eulerio?

Billing commences when you subscribe to Eulerio. If you have signed up for Eulerio with a free trial subscription, billing will commence after the expiration of the trial period. You will be billed monthly at the start of your billing cycle untill you cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Through the Eulerio interface, you can access your Settings page where you manage your subscriptions. You can cancel or upgrade your subscription from the Settings page.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

You can change your subscription plan at any time. Changing your plan will update your billing cycle and you will be charged at the rate of your newly selected subscription. Your resource limits will reflect your new subsciption plan.

Do you support auto pay?

Your card used to subscribe to Eulerio will be charged every month at the beginning of your billing cycle. You can access your invoice through the Eulerio Settings page.

Does your price include taxes?

Except where otherwise indicated, Eulerio pricing is exclusive of taxes and duties. Sales tax may or may not be applied to the price of your subscription depending on the tax laws in your region. Any tax charged will appear on your invoice as a charge separate from Eulerio pricing.