Serverless Database

Full featured, transactional database. No setup, no configuration, no maintenance. Your Eulerio database is cloud deployed and always available. You have instant access on sign up.

Image of Eulerio cloud database.

Simple Data Schema

Define your data schema using JSON Schema. JSON schema is an easy to learn, easy to comprehend standard data format that is universally supported. You define your resources by setting simple key value pairs that describe your data objects and attributes.

Graphical image depicting JSON schema

Standard REST APIs

All data resources you define are accessible through conventional REST APIs. You manage your data resources through standard HTTP methods. No need for drivers or SDKs to interact with your data.

Image of Eulerio REST API.

Secure Access

All data access and information exchange is authenticated and encrypted. Secure channel communications with your database. You have complete control over who has access to your data and how it is accessed.

Image showing secured circuit.

Reporting and Analytics

Build queries and run reports on your resource data. You can create analytics around your data and view the results in Eulerio's data viewer. You can export and download your data in standard CSV format.

Image of Eulerio data dashboard and analytics.


Real time and historic views of your resource activity. Monitor client details and request signatures for real insights into your app. Instant feedback to measure what features are most requested and by which clients.

Image highlighting signal monitoring.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) Support

With Eulerio, you can rapidly prototype, test, and deploy your apps. Your data platform is ready and always available, enabling you to develop, iterate, and release your app with more focus and efficiency.

Image showing iterated product development.